Let's build a story!

Forest heroes

by Šimun Golub, grade 6

One day a crazy scientist found power that can be found only in trees. So he ordered to cut down all the trees in the nearest forest. Lots of animals were forced to move out from forest. Meanwhile, Jake, Jessica, Squerty, Hoppy and Thunder found a chest in basement. When they opened the chest, they found a lot of toys, but on the bottom of the chest there was a map. The map was leading to the magic potion of growing trees which was in the scientist' s hands. They looked for that potion for days. They fought against bad souls. They passed a long way and finally they came to their final point. They tried to open the doors but they were locked. Squerty tried to break in, but doors were stronger than him. But when Thunder tried to break in the doors opened before he hit them. Crazy scientist got scared and stepped three steps back. He wasn’t looking, so he fell down the stairs. He looked and he found the potion of the growing trees. Then he realized why they came. He used his power to fight them, they didn't have any powers but they had friends. Crazy scientist didn't want to use his powers so he called the guards. Guards tried to arrest Jessica but she explained to them what crazy scientist wants to do. So they turned to their side. Crazy scientist tried to use his powers but he forgot to charge himself. Jake attacked him, but crazy scientist took out the ray gun so Jake changed his mind. Crazy scientist tried to charge his powers but there was nothing. He turned back and he saw Squerty with two glowing paws. Squerty pointed a finger to the crazy scientist and shrunk him. He was smaller than an ant. They took the potion and turned the forest back like it was before. And they still remember that day when the saved the animals’ lives. THE END.

mentor: Lena Njemeček