Let's build a story!

Children's adventure

by Patricia Zvonar, grade 6

Mr Smith was watching an album with photographs. He saw a lot of toys so he remembered that they are still somewhere in the storage. He asked for help from his grandson and granddaughter Patrick and Anna to look in the storage and take all that they wanted. A bear, a squirrel and a rabbit helped them. They liked all the toys, but the most the map that leads to a magic forest. They decided to go on a trip. They passed many unusual places to get to the magic forest. In the beginning Patrick watched the magic forest with binoculars. They were a little scared but they decided to peek inside the forest. They came to the forest and got surprised, they were happy, they sang and danced. The trees were colourful, even they were swinging and singing. A wizard Spike Darson watched all of that, but he was very mean and didn´t like how everyone was happy. He decided to use his magic and destroy the forest. He ordered 3 bulldozers and the forest became empty and sad. Anna, Patrick, the bear, the squirrel and the rabbit decided to get a revenge on Mr Wizard so they put monster masks on, and decided to scare him. Whatever the wizard started doing, it wouldn´t work. He gave up his evil plans and the forest started growing incredibly fast. Then everyone started singing and dancing again. Everyone was happy because they saved the amazing magic forest from evil Mr Wizard Spike Darson. The children were proud of themselves and their friends.

mentor: Lena Njemeček