Let's build a story!

Great adventure

by Ema Dautanec, grade 6

One day a grandfather found the old album, and the old treasure map in the it. He didn’t know what to do with the map. He was thinking of hiring someone to help him find the treasure. Grandfather found young researchers who would love to find the treasure for him. The researchers were children and a big bear. They were very excited about the adventures about to come. The bear and the children started looking for the lost treasure, and all of a sudden they came across a sad fox. She was sad because her home was destroyed. Crazy scientist Rudolph was also searching for the treasure. He thought that the treasure was in the woods, so he started cutting trees to find it. The bear and the children felt sorry for the fox, so they decided to bring her on a treasure hunt journey with them. Rudolph found about their intention to find the lost treasure, and he decided to stop them. He made a machine that could control and change the weather conditions. In the meantime, the bear and the children were deep in their investigation, and after a white they got tired and decided to take a break. Suddenly, the weather started changing, strong wind started blowing, a big storm started forming. They found a big castle with an ex an its door and decided to come in. When they came in, they saw a chest in the middle of the room. Inside the chest were toys. The stayed and started to play with them. In the end, they took the chest to the grandfather and he was very proud of them. Mad scientist Rudolph was disappointed because he thought the treasure was in the chest.

mentor: Lena Njemeček