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The Scientist's Treasure

by Tajana Misirača, grade 8

https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/dida-gleda-album23.jpg Once upon a time there lived a man who had two grandchildren – a granddaughter and a grandson. The granddaughter’s name was Selena and the grandson’s name was James. They were not ordinary children. They both had one superpower. You must be wondering what that superpower was? https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/suma-nova23.jpg We all know the superpowers of our favorite film characters, like for example, invisibility, power mimicry, superhuman strength, healing, endurance, telepathy, night vision, time travel, invulnerability etc. Selena’s and Jason’s superpower was very special. It was talking with animals. They liked playing with them, feeding them and taking them for a walk. They did different kinds of tricks with them. Animals adored them because Selena and Jason were very kind to them. They didn’t treat them as animals. They treated them as friends. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/naucnik_lud.jpg Very often Selena, Jason and their friends the animals visited a lab of a strange scientist. People thought he was crazy. They didn’t like passing by his lab. They thought he was dangerous because of colorful smoke that was coming out of his chimney all day long and because of screeches that people could hear during the night. He never came out of his lab. Selena and Jason visited him secretly. They brought him some food and clean clothes. Sometimes they brought him some requisites for his experiments. In return he made them some medicaments that they used for treating sick animals. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/bagreri23f.jpg Once they helped one injured fox. People destroyed its resort because they wanted to build a road there. While they were exterminating that area they didn’t care for the animals living there. While they were destroying the fox’s resort it was sleeping inside of it. Happily it woke up and managed to escape. While it was running one of its legs was injured. Susan and Jason used the scientist’s medicament and helped it. They found a new resort for it. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/mapa23fine.jpg One day James was cleaning an attic in an old abandoned house and he came across a map. It seemed to him that the map was very important. He showed the map to Susan and the scientists. When the scientist saw the map he was very surprised. He said that this was his map. He drew it a long time ago. It was showing the way to scientist’s the most important memories as a child. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/beast23finynew.jpg He hopped that one day he will give this map to his children and they will play a treasure hunt but one day someone broke into his lab and stole the map. The thief probably thought that this map was showing the way to the scientist’s greatest discoveries and that he will become rich when he will find them. Certainly he was disappointed when he didn’t find the things that he was looking for. Children asked the scientist’s permission to use the map and to see if the scientist’s memories were at the same place where he hid them a long time ago. He gave them his permission. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/2_dalekozor23fin.jpg Selena, Jason and their friend bear Bruno started their expedition. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/4-zamaskirani23f.jpg They put on some scary costumes. They followed the map. This adventure lasted for a long time. They were passing by mountains, meadows, forests and houses. After 5 days walking they went to their end. https://www.profil-klett.hr/sites/all/modules/custom/pk_lbs/img/pasteup23newfin.jpg In a small tree hole they found a big, brown chest made of wood. When they opened it, they found the scientist’s memories. There was a ball, a robot, a plane, a flag and many other beautiful toys. They took the chest and brought it to the scientist. He was very happy. He didn’t have his own grandchildren to give them his map but he was very proud that he could share his treasure with his friends Selena and Jason.

mentor: Andrea Haman

OŠ Ivanska