Let's build a story!

Don't touch our wood

by Sara Balala, grade 5

Once upon a time there lived two children- brother Matt and sister Lora. They had pets: Peter the bear, Kelly the squirrel and Jack the rabbit. One day they found a box, but they did not know what was inside. When they opened it, they saw toys. They were very happy. There were all kids of toys- a ball, a robot...  Soon they found an old bottle. There was a map inside the bottle. “Wow “, they all said. “But, what is the map for? “, asked Matt. “We'll find out “, Peter the bear said.

First they went through the woods. They thought the woods were terrible, but they had fun and they weren’t scared. A bad man intended to destroy the woods. When the man destroyed the woods, the animals lost their homes, including Lisa the fox. She was very sad about leaving her house.  Matt, Lora, Peter, Kelly and Jack saw all that and wanted to do something, but they did not know what. Quickly, they came up with a plan how to scare the man. They put on some masks and they went to scare the bad man.  The man thought about the bigger plan- to destroy the whole world. When he saw the masks coming to his house, he changed his mind and gave up the plan.  “This is a nice story, grandpa“, said granddaughter Lili. “It happened when I was very, very young “, answered grandpa. “I want to be like you “, said Lili. “You have lots of time for that “, answered grandpa and gave her a big smile.

mentor: Lena Njemeček