Let's build a story!

The story of my life

by Lana Bazijanec, grade 5

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Carl. Carl had a sister named Clara. One day Carl and Clara found a chest and they opened it. In the chest there were a lot of toys: teddy bears, squirrels, airplanes, bunnies, ball, robots and others. While Carl and Clara weren’t watching, teddy bear, squirrel and bunny became alive! Carl and Clara were surprised.

Teddy bear, bunny, squirrel, Carl and Clara headed outside. They had so much fun! Clara made cartwheels, teddy bear and Carl danced, and squirrel and bunny were the audience. They had a lot of fun, until they heard a noise.

They looked in front of them and they saw the Indians coming. They were very scared. Carl and Clara noticed that the toys were missing. They were so sad. Indians were getting closer and closer. Carl and Clara covered their eyes. After five minutes Carl and Clara heard someone laughing. They opened their eyes and saw their toys dressed up in Indians. They all laughed.

Carl looked on the ground and saw a map. The map leads to the castle. Next to the castle writes: 'School for scientists'. Carl showed the map to Clara and the toys. They found out where they were (they were next to the red car) and headed to the castle. On the way to the castle, they found the rails.

In an hour they saw the castle in front of their eyes. They heard some noise. Carl and Clara looked inside the castle and saw a crazy scientist. He had white curly hair, black and white eyes and green gloves. He had a lightbulb and above the lightbulb a cloud with thunder and storm was created.

But they stepped on something, and the scientist saw the shadow of the toys and Carl and Clara. They ran away as soon as possible, because they were scared. It was almost half past one.

That night, squirrel went to sleep in the forest. She noticed that something is missing. The trees were missing! People in the dredge cut off the trees. The squirrel was so sad, that the tears in her eyes started to flow. All the toys and real animals moved out of the forest.

Many years later, Carl, the old grandpa who is 74 years old, woke up from his dream when he was a child. He got up and looked in the album of old photos of him, Carla and the toys together.

mentor: Lena Njemeček