Let's build a story!

Magical snowball

by Mate Balala, grade 8

Dear diary,


Today, my daughter and my favourite granddaughter visited me. They brought my lost photo album with them. We were playing, drinking tea, and then they had to leave me. When they left, there was a dead silence, I could only hear the birds’ singing from the outside. I poured one more cup of tea, sat down on the desk and looked at the lost photo album. When I opened it, I became happy and young again. Seeing these images, I found myself in my greatest adventure from the young days again. It was a long time ago when the magic was still there, hidden and happy. I found it deeply hidden in not so dark woods. There I met my friends Bear, Squirrel, Rabbit and girl Wish. Together we played all kinds of games and danced all kinds of dances. My friends told me that the wood was bought by the infamous scientist Thunder. He was known for shrinking everything into small snowballs. They knew he would find this magical forest and do who knows what with it. Let's forget about him now and come back to our game now. Playing a catch me if you can, I hit a tree. Everyone gathered around me. Trying to get up, I caught a low branch and fell again. The barge was a lever to open a cavity in a tree. There was some kind of paper in that cavity, and it was a map. The map was marked with a large, red X. Thinking about everything that was going on, we all got tired and went home. Bear, Squirrel and Bunny lived in this forest. When I got home, my mother started to shout, kiss me and wanted to make sure I was ok. She asked me where I was and I told her, but she still did not believe me. I went to sleep and started thinking about the map we had found. The next morning, I immediately ran back. We agreed to go back and look at the big red X. We wandered around completely confused. Luckily, I took binoculars so we managed to orientate. Slowly, moving forward we were closer and closer to our goal. After about half an hour of walk we saw a cottage in the distance. We ran towards it. When we reached the cottage, we also saw a bench in the shade of a beautiful tree. While resting I realized that there was no such cottage on the map so I concluded that we reached our goal. We got up and went to the door and knocked. The door opened but no one was there. We decided to go in and take a look. There was nothing there so we went to the attic. The attic was surprisingly bright and airy, and there was a chest. We opened it and there were toys and costumes in it. Everyone chose the most beautiful one and dressed in it. The costumes were a bit weird but cool. Only the Squirrel had a normal costume while everyone else had something strange on theirs so they looked funny. The Squirrel was wearing a bat's suit, a Bunny was a knight with a brush the sword, the Bear was a pirate with a drainer instead of the sword. Wish disguised herself in an Indian wearing an umbrella instead of a spear, and I disguised myself in a dragon with wings from a broom- like a flying dragon. It was past noon so we went home to get back before the dark. It was already the night when we saw the magical forest being destroyed in the distance. When we reached the crime scene, we saw no tree standing. Friendly animals managed to save their belongings but they couldn’t save their homes. I remembered the stories of Thunder so we decided to go to his castle and get answers. The was already too late when we arrived, I thought my mom would kill me when I came home. We opened the door and saw Thunder in the room doing something. We figured out how to get in. We made a big monster from our costumes and entered. He got scared and started to run away, but he was soon caught up by his guard. He asked who we were and what we wanted from him. We said we want to know why he destroyed the magical forest. He told us he did not cut down the trees- his evil twin brother did. He said he managed to save twenty trees and that his brother doesn’t know about it. He put them in a snowball without snow for which he was developing a formula when we entered. He handed the snowball to me when she finally put the weather inside it. The snowball’s weather is the same as the weather outside. He gave it to me because he thought it is safer for me to look after it. In the end Bear, Squirrel and Bunny found new forests and new homes. The forest may not have been magical but we were dancing and playing so it did not matter. I still have a snowball and I enjoy it in its magical forest.

mentor: Lena Njemeček