Let's build a story!


by Petra Maloševac, grade 7

The great  plan

The grandfather swung back and forth in his chair while the lamp and moonlight were covering his old, almost destroyed album with faded photograps. The chair was softly creaking while he was thinking about his youth and all the crazy things he did.
It was long time ago, when there were no big cities and phones, when all people lived in villages and knew almost everyone. A boy named Peter was  sitting on a dusty floor in the attic with some friends. Quite strange friends. There was a  girl Susan, Teddy the bear, a small squirrel and a rabbit with long ears. They didn't pay any attention to the mice that were cheerfully running around them because they were interested in something else. It was an old, dirty box full of Halloween masks. They changed their clothes and suddenly,  they were in a weird plain surrounded by forests and mountains. At first, they were having fun but Peter looked  through his binoculars and saw something horrible. An evil scientist Devil wanted to make a secret weapon to destroy the world. With his ugly, big machines he was demolishing the enchanted forest with magical trees where lived a small fox. She had to leave her home because Devil had destroyed all the trees. A group of friends, dressed in funny clothes, decided to stop Devil in his horrendous intent and save the fox.
They made a map to reach Devil.
They decided to scare and chase him off. They put on the scariest costumes they had. Peter was a dragon with big teeth who held the broom, Susan was a crazy Indian with a sharp knife, Teddy disguised himself as a bad pirate with one blindfolded eye, the squirrel was Batman and long - eared rabbit was a fearless warrior.  After everything was prepared and they worked out the plan, their path started. They were climbing steep mountains, passed through the enchanted dark forest, but did not lose hope. At the end of the forest they saw traces.The trees started to disappear. Susan went to find the fox while others made a scary monster out of their shadows. Devil worked on the final parts of his plan when he heard something. He looked at the wall and saw a shadow of the great monster moving towards  him. He was scared so he ran towards machines with the plan in his hands. The wind threw his plan exactly on one of the machines that tore it up. Devil was desperate because he had lost everything, so he ran away and no one has ever seen him again.
The fox was rescued and the brave team returned to the plain that brought  them to the attic. Again, when they wanted to return to the magical world the next day, an old, dusty box no longer existed.
Sunlight slowly started to enter Peter's room.  He turned off the lamp, closed an old, faded photo album and went into the attic.



mentor: Gabrijela Romic