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Saving the Woods

by Iva Lovrić, grade 5

          Once upon a time there was a group of friends - a girl Kate, boy John, a bear and a squirrel. They played a lot and had fun in beautiful woods. Not far away from the woods, an evil scientist had his laboratory. For a long time he has been thinking how to destroy the woods because he wanted to expand his laboratory. All of a sudden he came to an idea how to do it. His idea was very naughty. Namely, he decided to cut down all the trees in the woods. The first day he destroyed the squirrel’s home. The squirrel was very sad and told Kate and John what happened.

        When they saw what the evil scientist did, they were sorry and decided to save their woods from further destruction. John found the map of the woods and in a few minutes, they came to a brilliant plan. Friends went to Kate’s house to pick up costumes from the chest which was in the attic. Everybody dressed in scary costumes and started their way to the laboratory.

        During this journey, they came across different difficulties. Right in the beginning they got to a field with snakes which they passed thanks to John’s bravery and, of course, his costume. After that, they came across an Indian village. Kate was disguised as an Indian girl, so she went to talk with Indians who, after some negotiations, let them pass through. Then they came to the sea. They could not cross it without a boat. While thinking what to do, they noticed pirates. The bear pretended that he was a real pirate, so the pirates let them board their ship. After some time they saw a scientist’s laboratory and went straight there. When inside, they heard some whispering and rustle of many papers. The evil scientist stood behind one desk.

         Their plan was to scare him with their costumes and shadows as the laboratory was in the dark. They acted very convincingly since they all looked like really scary monsters. They also produced horrible sounds and made strange movements. The evil scientist was so scared that he ran away. Before that he made a terrible mess in his laboratory, papers were flying around, bottles with magic drinks were smashed and the laboratory was destroyed.

          Our friends were very happy and satisfied again. Squirrel got back her home and the others could play and have fun again. They were telling stories and remembered this adventure for a long time.

                                                    THE END

mentor: Filomena Horvatić

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