Let's build a story!

The Happiness

by Sara Šoško, grade 6

The school was finally over and it was summertime! Mark who was ten years old and Ann who was nine, were playing with their friends -teddy bear Eliot, rabbit Tom and squirrel Jessica.

One day, when they were playing on the attic, they saw an old casket in one corner. They opened it and found many funny costumes. Ann dressed up as an Indian chief, Mark became a funny looking dragon and Eliot was not so scary pirate. Tom was a little knight with shining armour and Jessica was pretending that she is a superhero. They had a lot of fun. At the evening, they went back and climbed to the attic to return their costumes. They noticed that there is something else in the casket  There were two pieces of old paper. They were very surprised when they saw an old map and a very old letter.

The letter was written by scientist Mr Johnson who lived hundred years ago. Mr Johnson explained that he was trying to find a hidden place that was marked on the map because he believed that it was the place where the source of eternal happiness is. However, when he was working on his unique energy formula, something terrible happened. Costumes that he had in his closet became alive and started to fly all around the room. After this strange event finished, he put these costumes in casket. After thinking for a long time, he decided that his work is dangerous and that he was not ready to search the source of eternal happiness. He wrote his letter and together with a map, he put it in the casket with costumes. He placed the casket in one dark corner in the attic. Mark and Ann decided that they are going to follow this map. Next morning, together with their friends they went outside and followed the map. They travelled the whole day and in the evening they arrived at the place that was marked on the map with X.

Unfortunately, all the trees were cut down! It was terrible! But there was only one tree left. It was a magical tree that people couldn’t cut down. Children approach the tree and something strange happened! Suddenly, there were in a magic forest! They were laughing, they could fly and they were very happy. They had a feeling that they were in this enchanted forest for a very long time. They had so much fun!

When they woke up in their beds, they thought that everything was just a dream. But, when Mark was making his bed, under his pillow, he found a photo, showing him on the swing in the magic forest! He was confused but happy. He put this photo in his photo album. Many years later, whenever he looked at this photo, he was smiling. He knew that then, in the magic forest, he found his source of happiness. 



mentor: Marina Moćan

OŠ Pantovčak