Let's build a story!

A big misunderstanding

by Dorja Dujmić, grade 7

  1. Once upon a time there were two siblings. A boy and a girl. They liked playing with each other more than anything else. They used to play a lot of different games, but their favorite game was always the treasure hunt. Two kids and their friends (bear, squirrel and a bunny) would always get into some new adventures.
  2. This time it was the hide and seek game so they made a map of the magical land they have ruled. The land of the Backyard! In that land lived a lot of animals. The good… and the bad. The large snake and the sleeping owl were always looking from the dark places of the magical land. They could never hurt someone, but they never played whit anybody. On the map was also the forest of happiness and the path which led to the mountain of youth. That was the mountain that nobody went to, but always talked about. Over the magical mountain was a castle. An old castle in which lived cruel and mad scientist. He never spoke to anybody but himself because he was too occupied with his work.
  3. While the kids were playing in the forest of happiness a boy decides to take a picture of him and his best friends. “Why are you taking a picture? “the little girl asks. “I saw dad doing it and thought it was pretty cool. Besides don’t you want to have a memory of this moment? You are having fun, aren’t you?” asked the boy with sadness in his voice. “I am having fun. How can I not be having fun when I’m surrounded with my best friends?” said a girl with a smile on her face. A boy exhaled with relief. “It’s getting dark. We should go home.” The girl silently agreed and they went home.
  4. Meanwhile I the castle the mad scientist was working on his latest experiment. “I’ll show them! I’ll show them all! They can’t behave like that! They can’t just run into the woods whenever they like!” mad scientist was talking to himself. He quickly types a number into his phone. “…” No answer. He types the number again. “…” No answer. “Argh… What now!?” he jells at the phone and types the number again. This time someone answers. “Hello? Oh hi! Haven’t seen you in a while!” says the strange voice. “Hello! Good to hear you too! Now listen I need a favor!”
  5. While the moon was sleeping and the stars were playing on the night sky, somewhere in the distance you could hear the sound of trees falling and the forest animals crying for help. The forest of happiness was slowly falling apart. Soon there will be nothing left and the animals will need to look for a new home. And that is exactly what happened. From a beautiful forest to an empty meadow. “This is their surprise! I can’t wait till they see it!” constantly repeated the mad scientist. All the animals were crying… only the moon was still smiling.
  6. The next morning, when the sun was out, kids went out to play. “Where are we going today?” asked the little girl. “First, we are going to check the map and then…” little boy stopped speaking when he saw the happy forest, or what is left of it. “What happened here?” asked the little girl with her face covered in tears. “Our forest! Who would do such a thing?” she asks. In the distance kids hear someone’s laughter. “It was him!” said the boy. “We need to go and fight the evil scientist. He needs to know that we aren’t giving up easily.
  7. Kids ran as fast as they could to their home to find masks to dress up and scare the evil man. They rushed down the stairs and found themselves in the basement with a box full of costumes. “OK everybody listen carefully! We need to find the most terrifying costumes we can to scare the evil scientist!” said the boy “Here! You sis go with Indian, the bear ca be the pirate, squirrel can be batman, bunny can be a knight… and I will be a dragon!” said the boy with the smug look on his face. After that the kids rushed through the house and started their journey to the castle.
  8. “Okay. We are outside of the castle and should be planning how to get in. Any ideas?” asked the little boy with a puzzled look on his face. “We should try to grip the lock on the door” said the little girl and immediately cracked the lock on the door open. The kids got in and as soon as they arrived they stroke a pose that would scare any living creature. The shadow they made was terrifying and as they walked the dark corridor a scream was heard. ”Aaaaaa!”
  9. “Ooooo yes! Those were the good times!” said the old man “I remember it like it was yesterday! O, yes! When kids get into a game you just can’t predict what is going to happened next! O, yes yes! And all I wanted was to build them a playground! Ah kids and their imagination!”

mentor: Sanja Lončar

OŠ Antun Gustav Matoš