Let's build a story!

The Forest Threat

by Teo Sega Sumić, grade 7

“Where do we start from, Mr Clank?”, asked the worker. “Here!”, answered Mr Clank while he was marking a large red cross on the map the worker brought him. “The Fox Forest!?!”, asked the worker. “Sure, don’t you remember?”, asked Mr Clank angrily. “Oh, yes, excuse me. I used to play there with my friends when I was young and...” “And what!?!”, interrupted Mr Clank. “I need those trees! They are filled with heavy metals like nichel, mercury and zinc...perfect for my experiments! Bring them to me!” “All right!”, said the worker and vanished through the door while Mr Clank continued doing his experiments in his lab, in his castle. At the same time Marco, his sister Laura and their friends, the squirrel Squir, the bear Mr B and the rabbit Bon were playing in the forest. Suddenly, Marco saw something moving on the top of the hill in front of them. He grabbed his binoculars from his pocket (a very big pocket) and started looking for the point he saw before. “Oh, my God!”, screamed Marco. “Please, let me see!”, asked Laura. Marco gave the binoculars to Laura and their friends. When they saw the top of the other hill, all of them remained speechless. There were three big excavators that were cutting down the entire Fox Forest! And they saw a fox, full of pain, moving to another forest. It was in tears. Then they saw, close to a bunch of trees, a mysterious scientist who was talking to a worker. “That’s Mr Clank! I’m sure he’s managing the business! We must stop him! But how...”, wondered Marco. “I know where he lives!”, said Mr B, “In the castle behind the mountains!” “I have an idea!”, said Laura, “Come here! I don’t want anyone to hear. We will....pss...pss...pss...” Meanwhile, Mr Clank returned to his castle and continued experimenting with the wood from the Fox Forest. Suddenly, the shadow of a horrible monster appeared on the wall of his lab. “AAHHH!”, started screaming Mr Clank, “What do you want from me? I’m a good person.” “You must stop cutting down The Fox Forest. Now!”, replied the monster, “Or you will be punished for the rest of your days!” “Ok, ok, I promise! I will stop cutting down the forest! I swear! But leave me alone! Please!”, said Mr Clank. “So, go and tell the workers to stop cutting down the trees. Right now!” “Ok, ok”, said Mr Clank and started running to The Fox Forest to tell the workers to stop the cutting down business. “It was a brilliant idea to put on our costumes and to project a scary shadow on the wall using the light of the moon! Very clever, Marco!, said Laura to his brother. “Thanks, but I couldn’t have done this without you, my friends. You are the true heroes!”, said Marco, proud of his friends. “Ah, those were such good times!”, said the old man and closed the photo album. He looked through the window at the beautiful night sky, calling to his mind the good memories from his childhood, when he was a little boy called Marco.

mentor: Nataša Kostić Barbo

OŠ Edmondo De Amicis