Let's build a story!

Unusual Carneval

by Nikolina Lučić, grade 6

One day the girl called Anna and the boy Zack, with their friends, a bear and a rabbit, went to the carnival. But suddenly a squirrel came and said that people had destroyed the forest and that the animals lost their homes. Zack had an idea to go to Larry, who was a scientist, and to ask him for help. He found a map on the floor that led to the scientist. They were searching for him for a long time, but neither the map nor the binoculars helped them because Zack kept the map upside down. Anna took over the lead and brought them to Larry. When they got in, they were scared a little because Larry put them in odd glassware. He thought they would attack him because he was strange and people did not like him, but he was a good scientist. When the squirrel came out of the woods, Larry remembered that he loved to go to the forest with his grandfather. His grandfather would take photos of him in the woods and put them in his photo album. Larry took the job, made a light bulb with a magical blue smoke. Larry told them to take that bulb into the woods, put it in the middle of the wood, open it, and move away from it and count to ten. Everyone was afraid, so the bear opened it and the bunny quickly put it in the middle and returned to their friends. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and at that moment the blue smoke began to shine through the whole forest and the trees immediately recovered. They all came back to Larry and he was very tired of them and gave them a map to the treasure box. They started to look for it and when they found it, they started looking for a key. . When they opened it, they didn’t find real treasure but lots of toys for children: a ball, a robot, a story ... They all agreed that this was the best carnival ever...

mentor: Marijana Dostal

OŠ Bogumila Tonija