Let's build a story!

Unusual adventure

by Nina Jončić, grade 8


Hi, my name is Mark and I’m 74 years old. I was born in 1944 and grew up in a small city called Hogsmeade. My favourite candy of all time was a grape-flavored candy. I remember it was wrapped in purple wrap with green spots all over it. You might ask why am I talking about this? Well, it’s because I found that exact candy in the store today. It made me a little bit nostalgic so I searched for my old photo album and found a really interesting photo: my best friend Annika, my friends Dru, Jack, Toby and I all dressed up in costumes. I thought it was for Halloween but then I remember we went on a pretty interesting adventure.

It all happened in 1959 in July; Annika, Dru, Toby and I were playing in Snow forest (I thought it was an odd name because it never snowed there, although it was near a Big mountain) when it suddendly started snowing. It wasn’t typical snow, it was warm and it felt faux. So, as we were playing we heard quiet sobbing. The sobbing was coming from a squirrel. “They cut it down”, he said, “it’s all gone!”, and continued to cry.
We didn’t understand him at first mostly because he was sobbing all the time but then he explained us that his forest was cut down by big machines and that he was forced to move out. He also said his name was Jack. As soon as he finished his story I offered Jack to stay at my house until we find him a new forest. Do I need to mention how happy he was when he heard that?
The next day we all went out to look for a new forest. As we were all looking for some new trees, through binoculars I saw a little house. I proposed that we all go and search it because I thought it was abandoned. Everyone was against my idea at first and I don’t know how I managed to talk them into it, but we somehow got into the house. It seemed like an ordinary house. We were about to leave when Toby yelled: “Look guys I found a big old chest in the attic!” So we all run upstairs as fast as possible. Dru managed to open it with a bobby pin Annika gave him. When we opened it we saw it was full of stuff.
After we took everything out I noticed a little white-green flag with a red dragon on it and it reminded me of the story my grandpa used to tell me. Long time ago there was an emperor who was loved by everyone. He was just and kind. One day he went on a trip and came upon a baby dragon. Because emperor loved animals he took that dragon home. For many years emperor didn’t know what kind of dragon it was, so he called an old wise man to tell him. The old man told him that he found extremely rare and dangerous dragon. Despite the old man’s warning the emperor decided to keep the dragon. Then, when his kingdom was attacked dragon disappeared. The emperor thought he will lose a battle and that enemy will take over his kingdom but then his dragon came back with more dragons who helped defend the kingdom.
Next to the flag I have also came upon a map. It had and X near a lot of stumps. "Maybe the dragon was hiding there!", Annika said. Jack glared at the X and when he finally was able to speak again he simply said: “How could they know?” and started crying again. We managed to calm him down and got him to explain what he meant by that.
“That X is placed right where my tree used to be. I thought knocking my forest down wasn’t planned, but now I see that it was planned a lot of years before.”
I turned map over and saw a story about a mad scientist who wanted to freeze Earth because he hated summer. And we immediately agreed we need to stop him. It also said that mad scientist lived in a castle north from Big mountain, across the railway.
So we decided to dress up as heroes: Jack dressed up in black cloak and a black mask, Dru was a pirate, Toby was first rabbit-knight with toilet brush as a sword, Annika was and Indian chief with an umbrella and I was a red dragon from the story. Annika got mad at me because I brought a broom with me. We all took our bikes and headed to the castle.
On the map castle looked so much further away than it was so we decided to go at night so we could be there by the dawn. But we got there around midnight and started to plan everything.
In the story it was said that scientist also worked on making electricity from thunderstorms because he wanted to move to Jupiter (I know crazy, right?). The story also told that scientist was afraid only of the monster that had a dragon's head and human's body.
So we managed to make a plan: with help of the our so called weapons we created a shadow that looked like described monster and at 1:33 AM we snucked in the scientist's lab and scared him. “I came here to warn you”, said Dru, “you must not freeze the Earth, if you do it, I will haunt you for the rest of your life!”, since Dru was a bear his voice sounded frightening so scientist listened and promised he wouldn’t harm anyone. He also promised to grow back Jack's forest because he cut it off to build a snow machine.

I took off my glasses and closed the album. As I closed it a piece of paper fell out: it was THE map. Exact the same map we found in the abandoned house. I smiled as wide as possible and went to my grandchildren. It was bed time so I tucked them in and told them my story as a bed time story. I can’t describe how much they liked the story. I truly hope they will experience similar adventure as I did.

mentor: Meri Glavinić

OŠ Vladimir Nazor