Let's build a story!

Grandpa's adventures

by Monika Gotal , grade 7

My grandfather likes to tell stories. His stories are always interesting. He tells them while looking at the photo album. Most of his stories are about his childhood memories. When I came to him one day I asked him to tell me a new, interesting story. This was the beginning:

“Every day my friends and I went to play in a forest named The Fun Forest were all the people were happy and with smile on their faces. In that forest lived lots of good animals. The animals loved us and we loved them. They were our best friends. Every day we experienced something new but one day we found out something terrible. When we were on our way to our forest friend, a squirrel came to us with a pair of binoculars in hands. The squirrel said we have to see something terrifying. I looked through the binoculars and saw that the forest, as we know it, was gone forever. There were only our memories and a few branches left. We were devastated and we ran to see what was going on. At the beginning of the forest we found a map of our village and we knew that Dr. Nightmare had his fingers in it. He destroyed our forest only because he liked to see people sad. He once said that people do not appreciate luck as they should. We made a plan how to scare him. We went home and looked around for some costumes and we agreed to make a dragon with our shadows to scare Dr. Nightmare off. We took all the necessary things and went to his castle. He was doing his experiment and when he saw the dragon shadow on the wall he ran away. We knew he would not come back ever again. Then a problem occurred. We could not find our Fun Forest and no other forest was like the one we had. At that moment I realized that I should keep and appreciate what I already have.”

mentor: Mateja Ištok

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