Let's build a story!

One of the many stories of Arnold

by Nikša Kecman, grade 6

This is a story about Arnold. Arnold was a kid, just like you. He loved adventures. And this story is about one of them.

Arnold had a friend named Iris. She also loved adventures. They met a bear, Grizzy, a squirrel, Scout and a rabbit, Ronnie!

One day, Ronnie said that there was a secret toy chest in The Evil Scientist's laboratory. After a little preparation, Arnold took his trusty binoculars, a map and some costumes and went on a journey with his friends.

On the way, Scout saw a cut-down forest, which reminded him of his home that was tragically destroyed.

Arnold looked at the map, then through the binoculars, then at the map again and shouted „I get it!“. He said that he knows the way to the Evil Scientist's laboratory.
There was a windy forest, but they danced through like it was nothing!

They put on their costumes so that they don't get spotted. Arnold was a dragon, Iris a native american, Grizzy a pirate, Scout a superhero and Ronnie a knight. They traveled for a long time until they came to the Evil Scientist's laboratory.

The Evil Scientist's evil plan was to use the power of lighting for electricity. If he did this for a long time, the clouds would dry off!

When they entered the Evil Scientist's laboratory, Grizzy saw a donut on a table. He went to eat it, but tripped and fell, pulling everyone and their costumes with him.
The Evil Scientist heard this while looking through his photos, ona break from reading his many emails. Scared, he started running and never came back!

Everyone started cheering because The Evil Scientist was gone. But to finish their quest, they went to the toy room and opened the chest…

„Hooray!“, they started screaming. „Yay!“, said Ronnie, „Now we can play with all the toys!“.
They found them!



mentor: Matea Laginja

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