Let's build a story!

Young days

by Viktoria Kovač, grade 7

  • Arthur remembered his young days when he was a little boy. He remembered his friends and crazy adventures they had.


  • When he was little he spent his days playing games with his friends John the Bear, Molly the Squirrel, Larry the Bunny and with his best human friend Susan in the forest. Arthur was their friend since he was a baby except Molly.


  • Arthur met Molly when giant machines destroyed her home. They met and became very good friends.


  • Arthur remembered the day he and his friends played a game with masks. They went to Arthur`s grandfather Phil `s house and in his attic they found a box with costumes.


  • John was a pirate, Molly was Batman, Susan became a nice Indian girl, Larry was a brave knight and Arthur was a scary dragon. »Let` s scare my granddad! «– he said.


  • Grandfather Phil was an old man and he was a scientist, too. He had his own lab and in it he invented a lot of things. He was working in his lab when some strange creature came in.Grandpa Phil got really scared that he almost had a heart attack. He was terrified.


  • When grandpa Phil came to his senses he asked them where they found those costumes. Arthur replied that they found them in his attic. Grandpa Phil got really angry and told them to take off the costumes right away. Arthur and his friends put the costumes down and they left his lab. Grandpa Phil went back to his experiments.


  • Arthur asked his friends what they want to do now. John put a map in front of his friends. The map was very old and  there was a red cross. It was a treasure map. He found it in a pocket of his costume.


  • Arthur looked at the map, took out his binoculars and said: »I think we have a new adventure! «

mentor: Manuela Grabar

OŠ Jabukovac