Let's build a story!

The Magic Box

by Luana Stepčić, grade 8

Not so long ago there was a little girl named Joy who was always happy and cheerful. She had a brother whose name was Jack but she never called him that way, she called him Jjong. Jjong was Joy's only friend, because they lived far away from everybody else. But after some time they met a bear called Ten and a bunny named Key. They became friends very fast and one day they decided to dress up as different characters and play together. They were playing and all of a sudden they saw a squirrel. They asked the squirrel what its name was. The squirrel’s name was Bambam and he decided to join them so they played all together. Joy was dressed as a girl from a sunshine tribe, Ten was a pirate, Jjong was a dragon, Key was a knight and Bambam was a superhero. After a while Bambam went home, but when he came there, he saw people destroying his home. He was sad because he couldn't save his box with toys, which wasn't an ordinary box. It was given to him by his mother, she told him to take care of it because the box was magical. The box with toys will grant a wish if you find it and give it a new and a happy home, but if someone abandoned the box or the home got destroyed, the box would get lost. There is a map that will always find the box, but there are only two copies of it. A scientist called Ian found out that the box disappeared so he wanted to find it. While the friends were playing, he broke into Joy's house because he found out that her father had the map. The friends were having so much fun that they didn't see him at all.Bambam couldn't sleep that night so he went to his mother and she told him where he could find the map. The next day Bambam went to Joy's house and explained everything. She said that all of them would help him. They went into the living room. When they walked in, they saw Joy's grandfather looking at old pictures. Bambam wanted to talk to her father but her father went on a trip so he talked to her grandfather instead. Her grandfather said that he and his son have been keeping the maps safe for years, but yesterday one of them went missing. Luckily he still had the other map. He gave it to them; they took a look at it and realized that they were going to have to work really hard to get to the box. On the map there was a big X, that big X was Joy's house, then there was a tent with a snake but they didn't pay much attention to it. That tent was a tent that the scientist put up, he put the snake next to it so that nobody would disturb him. The map started at the beginning of a forest, it went next to some mountains and it ended at a big castle. The scientist was trying to find a faster way to the box, he was trying everything. He tried making a car that flies, a potion that would make him fly and many more things that didn't end up working. At the end he was desperate so he tried black magic but it still didn't work. While he was trying to get to the box faster, Joy, Bambam, Jjong, Key and Ten already started their journey. They found the forest that was on the map. When they saw the forest, they all ran towards it because it looked so beautiful. They all started to run around and play, everybody, except Bambam. He wanted to continue the trip. After a while they continued, they were walking and they got lost so they climbed one of the mountains. Jjong took out his binoculars and saw that the castle was very close. Soon they realized that they took a shortcut. When they got to the castle, it was very windy, but luckily nobody got hurt. They went inside the castle. The box was in a room on the second floor. When they got close to the box, a monkey appeared and asked them what their wish was. Their wish was that people wouldn't destroy any more forests. The monkey promised to grant their wish. They were about to leave but the monkey teleported them back home. The scientist came to the castle a bit later; he was disappointed so he decided to go back to his home. When the friends got back home, they were really happy and right away they started to play with all of the toys.Bambam decided to give the toys and the box to Joy and Jjong. Joy,Bambam, Jjong, Key and Ten kept playing together. They would always have a lot of fun and they were very happy that they were friends.

mentor: Emi Belušić

OŠ Kaštanjer, Pula