Let's build a story!

The Magic Town

by Tin Gotovac, grade 8


Once upon a time, in a very strange town lived a king with his wife in a castle all the way north called The Northern Fort. Our town consisted of the Western and Eastern Woods, High Mounts and South Western Sea. It was really a pleasure to live there. Eastern Woods isn't really an exciting place to be in because it ran out of what is called The Magic. A place with a lot of The Magic was a part called The Western Woods. Because of the high amount of The Magic every night at 11 pm trees would change their positions. It was really fun to be there every single day. Unfortunately people couldn't live there, but our main characters who called themselves The Group played a game they called The Explorer. The point was to sketch up a map of the forest and the one who drew it most accurately was a winner. But one day something horrible happened. The Northern Fort ran out of food so her majesty The Queen and a few of her cooks, maids and a taster went to The Western Woods. It was 9 pm when they got out of The Fort and 10:30 when they got to The Western Woods. They got deep in The Woods when trees started changing positions. They realised that they were lost. It is unknown in which direction they went afterwards. After the first day The King started worrying. He really missed her and he took a look in their various pictures albums. Suddenly he got furious. He angrily tossed the albums away. He ordered the bulldozers to rip out the entire forest to find his Queen. When our characters The Bear, Squirrel, Harry, Rabbie and Melissa heard that devastating news, they had one last game of The Explorer to say goodbye to the majestic forest. Rabbie won his 5th game. It really was an event to celebrate but the time has come for the bulldozers to cut all the trees in The Western Woods. The group watched through their binoculars. They couldn't believe what they have just witnessed. Soon after the bulldozer event our friends went up to The Northern Fort to ask The King why he ordered that tree massacre. He told them the story of how he met The Queen. He also told them how much he loved her and her smile... He said that he would give everything for that smile. He described it as a wonderful flash of light in the dark. The group knew what to do right away. They had a deal with the Wizard. The deal was if The Group managed to scare the Wizard in any way, he owed them one, so they began to think how to scare that crazy old scientist. Melissa got it. They will all bring some stuff from their homes to create a scary shadow. There were loads of proposals but they all agreed with Rabbie’s idea of a dragon shadow. They practiced really hard and they succeeded. The perfect dragon shadow was created! Now The Group had to find Wizard’s hut. It was really fun to search. I will not reveal its location because then I would violate the terms of service which wouldn't end up good for me. I really hope you understand. Back to the story...The group was looking at Wizard from a safe distance through their binoculars and through hut window. When the time was right they went in and created the shadow...They succeeded. Wizard was scared like never before. Now he had to honour the deal. The group told him what they needed and it took a lot of time and effort from Wizard bud he created it. It was just like a glass balloon with a metal stick on the bottom. It was used to bring the light to the balloon. The group went back to The Northern Fort. They showed it to The King. He was so grateful for that. He promised to plant the forest again. He did so but The Magic had already disappeared. In return he gave them a chest full of toys they could use to create their own imaginary world. As they were playing with those toys in newly planted Western Woods, they were creating the thing called The Magic. The forest got back its beauty and the trees could change positions again. The group was happier than ever before. The King was playing around with his so called The Flash and everyone was happy 'til the end of their lives...

Tin Gotovac, 8.c


mentor: Tomislava Rogošić

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